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Sound Mind Therapy – FAQs


Do you take insurance?

Sound Mind Therapy does not bill health insurance companies directly. It is important you check with your individual insurance company to find out your policies out of network benefit. We will provide you a “superbill” (an itemized form used by healthcare providers for reflecting rendered services) upon request, with all the necessary information required by insurance company’s reimbursement consideration.

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a working, collaborative partnership between client and therapist. It can be useful to those with mild difficulty in their lives as well as those with more serious or long standing problems.

How does Counseling help?

Counseling can provide new insights creating clearer thinking, increased energy, better understanding of feelings and desires, release of troubling emotions, and a greater sense of peace and wellness.

For what kinds of things do people seek help?

People seek counseling for a wide range of reasons. For example, some people come to get help with a difficult decision or feel overwhelmed by the stressors in their lives. Others have a desire to educate themselves, and work toward personal development, wellness, self-care and fulfillment.
Counseling topics vary and can include:

  • relationships
  • school or career-related problems
  • academic or work issues
  • anxieties
  • depression
  • wanting a greater sense of empowerment
  • feeling sad or irritable
  • sleep problems
  • eating concerns
  • attention difficulties
  • feeling lonely
  • need help during a transitional time in life.
  • self-image
  • personal development
  • values
  • substance dependency
  • excessive worry
  • …or anything else that may be of concern.

What Can I Expect from Counseling?

At Sound Mind Therapy, you can expect to receive heartfelt support, education and empowerment as the focus of your therapy. We feel it is important for clients to understand that counseling is not always comfortable or straightforward as difficult emotions appear and it is not uncommon for some symptoms to increase as clients begin making changes. However, the benefits received from identifying and exploring emotions, rather than suppressing or fearing them, gives way for new perspectives to surface and healthy patterns to emerge. Remember, the amount of work invested in therapy is directly proportional to the amount of benefits received. The more proactive clients are with practicing their newfound skills into their daily lives, the more empowerment, growth and change they will experience.

To get started click here to register as a new client and schedule an appointment. Please complete the biographical and contact form online. This gives the therapist pertinent background information, enabling them to develop the best course of action for your personal needs.

I can always talk to a friend, how can talking to a stranger be helpful?

Friends can provide wonderful support and empathy, but a counseling relationship is different in a very important way. Licensed Professional Counselors are specially trained in therapeutic techniques and have extensive knowledge to help people identify self-defeating beliefs and long-term patterns that prevent them from realizing their full potential.

Do you work with couples and families?

Yes, in addition to individuals and groups, our therapists work with couples and families as well.

Is the information shared in a counseling session confidential?

Yes, you have the right to confidentiality regarding your therapy although there are exceptions that are explained below. We will not speak to anyone without your written permission. We are legally able to speak to a health care provider or family member under the provisions of the Health Care Information Act of 1992, however we will not do so unless the situation is deemed an emergency.

You may direct your counselor to share information with whomever you chose, and you can change your mind and revoke that permission at any time. You are also protected under the provisions of the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This law ensures the confidentiality of all electronic transmission of information about you. Whenever your counselor transmits information about you electronically (for example, sending bills or faxing information), it will be done with special safeguards to insure confidentiality.

If you elect to communicate with your counselor by email, Sound Mind Therapy ensures confidential emails through its safeguarded software, Therapy Appointment.

Are there any exceptions to the rules of Confidentiality?

Yes, there are a few exceptions to confidentiality. If your counselor has good reason to believe that you are in danger of harming yourself or others, they are legally required to take action to ensure your or another person’s safety.

If they have good reason to believe that you are abusing or neglecting a child or vulnerable adult, or if you give information about another who is doing this, your therapist is required to inform Child Protective Services within 48 hours and Adult Protective Services immediately.

Can I view my counseling client file?

Sound Mind Therapy promotes transparency and share progress notes with our clients.

How much does Counseling cost?

Sound Mind Therapy fees per 50-minute session

  • Individual Counseling –Starting at $125
  • Couples/Family Counseling –Starting at $150
  • Group Counseling – $30
  • Learning Series
    • Individual Session – $30
    • 6 Week Series – $150

*Check with your therapist for information about sliding scales.

Can I use my insurance to pay for services at Sound Mind Therapy?

Sound Mind Therapy does not bill health insurance companies directly. However, we will be happy to provide you with an itemized receipt, upon request, with all the necessary information required by insurance companies for reimbursement consideration.

Does Sound Mind Therapy prescribe medication?

No, only a medical doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) can prescribe medication.

Can a person change counselors?

Yes, Sound Mind Therapy suggests and encourages you to find a counseling relationship that feels most comfortable to you.

How often can a person see a counselor?

The frequency with which you see your counselor is something both client and counselor determine, based upon the desired goals.

How long are counseling appointments?

Generally, counseling appointments range in length from 50-60 minutes.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to click here [link to schedule] to schedule an appointment.  You can also call Sound Mind Therapy at 314-499-9144 or 855-314-MIND

Fees & Insurance


  • Individual Sessions: $125
  • Couple Sessions: $150
  • Family Sessions: starting at $150

*Check with your therapist to see if they offer sliding scales.


  • Learning Series/Workshops
    • 4 Week / 1.5 Hour Series: $180
    • Class priced individually: $45


  • 6 Week / 1 Hour Series: $180
  • Class priced individually: $30



Sound Mind Therapy does not bill health insurance companies directly. It is important you check with your individual insurance company to find out your policies “out of network” benefit. We will provide a “superbill” upon request with all the necessary information required by your insurance company for reimbursement consideration.