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Our Philosophy History and Purpose

Sound Mind Therapy
Our Philosophy, History, and Purpose

Our Philosophy

We believe counseling is a form of education which supports and empowers you to SEE life’s challenges from a different perspective

At Sound Mind Therapy, our approach is “innovative counseling from the heart” focusing on wellness through Support, Education and Empowerment. We collaboratively work with our clients through difficulties enabling them to reach a deeper understanding of themselves. This allows them to begin to align their life with a greater sense of purpose, passion and well-being.


SUPPORT — We believe it is important to support you.

(WHY) It is important to feel someone’s got your back. We understand change is hard. We all need a solid foundation from which to stand as we navigate challenges and apply and adapt to new strategies.

(HOW) Availability is important. We are here for you – literally. We provide direct access to our therapists and support staff with walk-in, same-day and scheduled appointments.

(WHAT) You matter. We focus on helping clients connect with their emotions, trust their inner knowing and most importantly honor their innate value as they make decisions in their everyday lives.

EDUCATE — We believe it is important to educate you.

(Why) You have choices. You don’t have control over other people or situations, but you do ultimately have control over your intention, thinking and responses.

(HOW) Transparency fosters collaboration, trust and respect. We promote trust and respect by offering transparency and giving clients session notes. This provides the client a visual review of possible themes, patterns and obstacles increasing self-awareness and accountability.

(WHAT) Education is fundamental for growth. Life is a process of continuous change. We help clients identify and “SEE” a new perspective while offering strategies that stimulates self-care, personal development and change.

EMPOWER — We believe it is important to empower you.

(WHY) YOU are capable of leading your own life. We know when clients practice their new-found strategies and align their beliefs with their desires, they have the power to control their life instead of life controlling them.

(HOW) There is meaning to your everyday life experiences. We help clients see the bigger picture of life’s challenges instead of staying stuck and dwelling in the past. This enables clients to look within, identify their impasse and move in the direction of their purpose, passion and wellbeing.

(WHAT) There is nothing wrong with you. Our highly-experienced counselors focus on helping clients know, like and trust themselves. We believe learning from past experiences help release the cycle of fear, blame and shame allowing clients to recognize their value and move into healthier heartfelt actions.

Our History

Co-Founder Susie Berg was blessed to work as a clinical therapist in an intensive outpatient program with some of the most experienced and talented therapists in the field of mental health. She watched with heartbreak, the devastation, destruction and hopelessness people went through when they ignored warning signs that clearly signaled that they were out of balance. Yet she was inspired by the resilience and growth that can occur when an individual is taught strategies that empower them to deal with and respond to everyday life challenges. During this time the idea for Sound Mind Therapy began to formulate. Susie began thinking; why isn’t there a place to receive immediate care in the counseling field? You can walk in to get a massage, chiropractic services, or urgent care services for your physical health. There is no place to receive education and strategies to take care of your emotional needs at the time when you need it most. This paradigm shift lead to Sound Mind Therapy and our café style atmosphere.

Our Purpose

Sound Mind Therapy’s goal is to actively address and challenge the stigma related to seeking counseling. The stigma developed because counseling was created under the medical model with insurance-required diagnosis that focuses on what is wrong with an individual. This assumption creates feelings of shame and supports a negative mindset about seeking help. Contrary to this belief, we understand people are trying to navigate life the best they can and need Support, Education and Empowerment to live life more effectively.

Sound Mind Therapy is here to help change the paradigm of counseling away from a medical model of diagnosis and crisis to an empowerment model building on what is right with an individual! We know pain is a universal emotion that causes much suffering but with the insight and support of a skilled and compassionate therapist, individuals are able to turn their “pain into purpose”- driving growth, success and achievement into their lives.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is to recognize and understand that each experience—positive or negative, painful or not—is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve. We make it easy to start the process today by offering walk in, same day appointments or scheduled appointments with master degreed therapists in a safe and welcoming environment. Click here to schedule an appointment or come by and learn what we are all about. We can’t wait to meet you!

From the heart

Sound Mind Therapy