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Evonne Weinhaus, Family & Marriage Counselor, St. Louis, MO

  Learn more about Evonne…. Evonne, LPC,LCSW, is passionate about transforming people’s lives. Her gifts of insightful clarity, compassionate truth-telling and inspiring action have touched thousands of lives. Click here to schedule an appointment. evonne@soundmindcafe.com   Evonne believes there is a common culprit lurking behind all relationship problems.  Do you know what that culprit is?  ... Read More

Navigating the World

As I have said countless times, my kids are always way ahead of me on the learning and doing curve. Since the beginning they have dragged me along as they’ve mastered one set of skills and then another. It’s not that I don’t want them to grow up or be successful or independent. I do.... Read More

Going Beyond Your Safety Net

On a clear, bright, cold Monday morning I found myself in my car driving from suburban Chesterfield…to…The City.   You read that right.   St. Louis City.   Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the city. Any city. And I love getting out of suburban Chesterfield whenever an opportunity arises.   This, however, was different.... Read More

Leap Year Blog

If only there were more hours in the day! Time is flying by. I need more time!   Do you ever have these thoughts? I do!! Lucky us, our wish can come true once every 4 years when February 29th is added to the calendar. We get an extra 24 hours this year!   How... Read More

Give Yourself a Gift this Valentine’s Day

I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. Yes, I love to celebrate, yes, I love chocolate, yes, I love flowers.   It’s just that I feel overall, it’s a Hallmark holiday. And don’t get me wrong. I am a total optimist, romantic, glass-more-than-half-full-kind-of-girl. Unfortunately, my expectations and visuals are never movie-worthy and I always end... Read More
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